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Animal Game 🐢

Meet back in one hour. Whoever has the biggest live animal wins.

A bucket for each member of the team.
15 to 17 18+
Group Size
2 - 5 6 - 15 16 - 30
31 - 60 60+
An out-of-the-box game that works well in a camp setting is the animal game.

To play, decide on a central meeting place. Then give each player a bucket. Tell players to meet back in one hour. Whoever brings back the largest live animal wins.

It is important to lay out some ground rules for this game. Some rules that are important are:

1) Hurting any animal is not allowed.
2) Boundaries for where they can go to get animals.
3) If a domesticated animal counts or not.
4) Any animals that are not allowed (i.e. stealing the camp snake from the aquarium)

Oh, and be sure to return the animals afterwards :)
Compiled & designed specifically for you by Jon VerLee