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Circle Soccer ⚽

A circle game where players try to throw a soccer ball between legs.

Soccer ball
5 to 10 11 to 14 15 to 17 18+
Group Size
6 - 15 16 - 30
Circle Quick and Easy Elimination
11 - 15 16 - 30
Players form a circle, with all the players facing the center of the circle. All players should have their feet spread so there is about 3 feet from leg to leg. Players feet should be right up against the feet of the person standing next to them.

One player starts by holding a soccer ball and throwing it across the circle, trying to get the ball through another person's legs. The person who the ball is thrown at is trying to block the ball from going in between his or her legs.

If the ball does go between a players legs, that player then has to turn around so they are facing out from the center of the circle. That player then continues playing but has to play backwards.

If a backwards player has the ball go between their legs, they are then eliminated from the circle.

If the ball goes in the opening between one person and the next, both of the people it went in between must go to the next step (either face backwards or out, depending on their current step). As a result players are trying to defend not only between their legs but also working with their neighbor to defend the space next to them.

Players may not throw the ball between the legs of the people standing directly beside them.
Compiled & designed specifically for you by Jon VerLee